Intento WEAR is a wearable medical device interfacing the upper limb of patients with Intento PRO.

First of its kind on the market, Intento WEAR offers unparalleled customization of electrodes positions and comfort for the patient. Used in combination with Intento PRO, it allows to treat motor impairment after stroke and traumatic brain injury patients.

How can it simplify electrodes placement?

Intento WEAR’s innovative design allows a quick and easy customization of electrode positions in an integrated electrodes sleeve.

Intento WEAR overcomes the limitations of self-adhesive electrode pads which:

  • Are difficult for the patient to position correctly on their own body.
  • Can easily detach and degrade after multiple use.
  • Have individual electrode cables that hamper movements when multiple electrodes are used.

How can it save me time?

Once configured during the initial therapy session, Intento WEAR retains memory of the electrode’s positions, allowing a fast, error-free setup in the following therapy sessions.

You can save time during the following sessions, as electrodes positions previously customized on the patient are retained in the Intento WEAR.

In addition, Intento WEAR is connected to Intento PRO using a single cable, making movements simpler for patients, and removing any possibility of connection mistakes to the stimulator device.

Intento WEAR comes in a single size, can be adapted to most patient anatomies, and can be used on both arms.