Intento PRO enables the delivery of Intento Movement Therapy, a unique rehabilitation approach based on Self-Modulated Functional Electrical Stimulation.

Intento PRO is a class IIa medical device composed of a portable stimulation device, and a tablet app connected with a cloud service for optional data storage.

What is Self-Modulated Functional Electrical Stimulation?

Self-modulated means that the patient is in control of the delivery of the electrical stimulation inducing a functional movement.

I deliver electrical impulses through electrodes placed on the arm. These impulses contract specific muscles, thus producing movements. This allows the patient, even if severely impaired and unable to produce movements voluntarily, to retrain with the therapist.

Why is the patient controlling the stimulation?

Increasing scientific evidence shows that electrical stimulation is more effective when delivered at the same time as the patient’s voluntary effort to produce a movement.

Putting the patient in control of the timing of the stimulation is an effective way to ensure this by design.

Why should a therapist use me?

Based on available clinical evidence, therapy based on self-modulated functional electrical stimulation can promote a larger reduction in impairment than standard rehabilitation care.

In addition, I can be set up on a patient in only 3 minutes, so that most of the valuable therapist time is used for treatment, and not spent on configuration.

Thanks to my intuitive tablet app, therapists can organize and track patients progress easily.

How does a therapist set me up?

My tablet app enables therapists to easily configure the stimulation and organize patients data.

I offer 21 predefined stimulated movements involving the hand, arm, and shoulder. In addition, custom stimulation programs can also be quickly designed.

I assist therapists in the correct placement of electrodes on the arm and in the configuration of patient-specific parameters. It only takes 3 minutes on average.

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